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Lizard Pest Control

Lizards are animals and are reptiles. They are scaly and normally have long bodies and tails. They aren't very tall and their bodies are almost touching the ground even when they are walking.Our warm summers and mild winters allow these cold blooded creatures to prosper. However, most species of lizards in North India are harmless and eat small insects.We recommend people for Lizard Pest Control.

Bad effect of Lizard:

Lizard is very harmful to us. If it falls in our food and we take it we may surely get death. We read a lot of information and news related to this small creature. It may create different kind of diseases. It may bitten us and harm us in our body. It is very dangerous if we take any kind of food in which a lizard has fallen and got rotten in it.

Skinks and geckos are easily distinguished:
1.Skinks are smooth-skinned, sleek and shiny, with small legs. They have small eyes and can blink.
2.Geckos have scaly skin that feels silky and looks one size too large, and stout legs. Their eyes are large and cannot blink.
Most of New Zealand’s skinks and geckos are small, and the few species people usually see are dull-coloured. Until recently these lizards attracted little attention from zoologists.

Where Lizard are found:
Lizards can be found almost anywhere in the world where it is warm or have tropical climate. They enjoy places like the desert and places where they can hide from predators.
  • American Cockroach American
  • Brown Banded Cockroach Brown Banded
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Madagascar
  • Oriental Cockroach Oriental
  • Smokey Brown Cockroach Smokey Brown

Cure for Lizard:

We can provide you best treatment for lizard control.This very clean method,without smoke and smell.We use a good PUMP SPRAYER for doing the work and by keeping these insects in check you will be keeping lizards away.

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